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Tiffany Studios
Daffodil Table Lamp

Tiffany Studios  Daffodil Table Lamp 1
Tiffany Studios  Daffodil Table Lamp 1
American, circa 1906
Height: 20 inches (50.8 cm)
Diameter: 16 inches (40.6 cm)

The cheery yellow Daffodil blossom held particular sway over Louis Comfort Tiffany, who incorporated the iconic garden flower into a wide series of designs for Tiffany Lamps; there are at least 10 distinct shades which depict the Daffodil flower, more than any other individual bloom in the Tiffany Studios catalogue.

This example of Tiffany's Daffodil Lamp features exceptional glass selection: each of the daffodil blossoms which encircle the shade is articulated in mottled yellow Tiffany glass in a variety of opacity levels, creating a three dimensional effect when light is transmitted through the shade. The opaque flowers contrast with the transparent background glass, which is further accented by the spiky Daffodil leaves in shades of greenish blue which which sprout from the lower ripple glass border of the shade.

The shade rests on a rare three-armed bronze Candelabra style Tiffany lamp base featuring three Favrile Glass Candle Sleeves decorated with a green pulled leaf motif, echoing the leaves of the flowers in the shade above.

Both the shade and base of this exceptional original Tiffany lamp are signed.