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Tiffany Studios
Poinsettia Table Lamp

Tiffany Studios  Poinsettia Table Lamp 1
Tiffany Studios  Poinsettia Table Lamp 1
American, circa 1906
Height: 18 inches (45.7 cm)
Diameter: 16 inches (15.2 cm)

This example of Tiffany Studios 'Poinsettia' Shade is notable for the variegated and mottled glass used in the gridded background; the rich tones and textures of the background glass are accented by the floral border: the vibrant red of the poinsettia bracts, the bright green of their leaves, and the purplish blue glass used to articulate the center of the flower.

The shade rests on a rare three-arm bronze Tiffany lamp base in a rich brown patina; the wide body of this base indicates that it was originally designed by Tiffany Studios around the turn of the century as an oil lamp. Tiffany Studios adapted many of their fuel designs for electricity as the technology advanced, and would convert previously purchased fuel bases for their clients.

Both the shade and base of this original Tiffany lamp are signed.